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The Dark Knight Rises

My interest in superhero movies made me watch “The Dark Knight Arises“, a film directed by Christopher Nolan. The main character Batman is a known superhero who strives to protect his city and do away with the criminals. Despite his noble image of the past he is misjudged by others as a disguised killer. I couldn’t hesitate to experience this motion-picture film on my own, taking into consideration that the movie was recently released, instantly becoming a hit. I might as well confess that I was not disappointed. It turned out to be more thrilling than I had initially expected. Therefore, I am glad to be able to share my honest opinion in this review and recommend it to anyone who shares a similar interest in action-packed superhero films.

            Gotham city, where Batman supposedly resides, is in a calm state after eight years thanks to the efforts of the police department in getting rid of crime and any violence. The then commissioner is James Gordon who keeps the truth about Harvey Dents hideous crimes for the sake of protecting people. The main antagonist and villain Bane gets to hear of it and shots Gordon who as a result promotes John Blake from a patrol officer to detective. Meanwhile, Batman has vanished from Gotham and Wayne Enterprises is going down with the absence of Bruce Wayne who is revealed to be locked inside Wayne Manor. After that, a series of killings mainly instigated by Bane coerce Gordon and Blake to seek out Batman.

            Angered by the disrupted peace, Batman pursues Bane who cripples him and locks whilom hero in a prison where escape is deemed impossible. An interaction with fellow inmates brings to knowledge that only Ra’s al Ghul’s child who is supposed to be Bane succeeded in escapade from this horrific place. While Batman is trapped in the prison, foxy Bane has taken over the League of Shadows after his alleged father’s death. He entices officers to the underground and continues his wicked plans of exploding the city with weapons stolen from Wayne Enterprises. Gotham suddenly becomes a destitute place that spells doom for its inhabitants with threats of dire consequences for any attempt to leave the city. Bane goes further to reveal Dents cover and tortures the rich and powerful giving them a harrowing choice between death and exile. In the interim, Batman does not quit his endeavors and finally escapes the prison after his total recover, exactly what is expected of a superhero.

            He then creates vigorous team comprising of Selina, Tate Blake, Gordon and Lucious. However, when they set off to liberate Gotham, this superhero affair becomes complicated because of manifestation of a betrayer among them, who occurs to be Tate. At that moment, we are surprisingly enlightened of Tate’s identity as Talia, real daughter of Ra’s. She was that daredevil child who had made an exceptional escape from the prison. Talia floods the chamber where the bomb is to be stabilized. Still Batman saves the day by denoting the bomb in an ocean. In spite of his apparent death in this fatal valorous deed, Batman’s appraisal as a genuine hero is a good climax in the film as everything assumes its proper aspect with a favorable ending.

            The movie is suitable for a preferable audience of teenagers who will enjoy the twists and thrills of the daring Batman story. The director of the film employed stylistic features such as suspense and satire which aptly developed the plot. The events were brilliantly action-packed, planned and carried out enough to make the viewers glued to the screen. No wonder it was such a hit. To wrap up my review, I would recommend the movie to anyone who likes superhero films and finds it fun to watch as the villains are taken down (Talaber 32).

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