Full Consultation and Dissertation Writing Service

If you are to the point of dissertation production, then you are in your last year of your Ph.D. studies. Congratulations! What a huge achievement to be this close – a few more courses and that dissertation, and that “Dr.” goes before your name! You may be dreading the work ahead, but we are prepared to provide exceptional dissertation writing service to you – as little or as much as you want and need!

Write-Essays.org is primarily an online custom essay writing service that has provided academic writing to buy of all genres for students at all academic levels. In fact, our essay and paper writing services have set the standard to which other online custom writing services aspire. We did not become the best writing service by chance. We have worked hard to recruit and employ academically qualified researchers and writers and to ensure that every client receives a personal writer that is qualified to produce the type and level of writing s/he needs.

As for dissertation writing service, a client can expect a Ph.D. academician in his/her field of study – an individual who, in addition to having written his/her own dissertation, now consults with others as they produce theirs. As a consultant, researcher, analyst, and writer, your consultant can perform virtually any task related to your dissertation, including the following:

  1. A comprehensive literature review, based upon the research question you submit. If you have specific research works to be included, please name them. As well, your consultant has access to the finest subscription-based online libraries and can perform an ERIC search as well. All of this will result in the most current and relevant primary sources for your literature review;
  2. Design of research methodology with full justification of its validity;
  3. Design of research instruments that you will use to gather your data;
  4. Full analysis of the statistical significance of your data – we actually have statisticians who take on this portion of  the work;
  5. Production of the prose discussion of your work, with graphs, charts, etc. as necessary;
  6. An academically-sound conclusion chapter.

In addition to the above tasks, we can provide a research proposal for your advisor/committee, a stellar introductory chapter, the abstract for your work, and, as well, provide article writing service, if, after the work is completed, you wish or need to prepare an article that summarizes your research and your findings.

For graduate students who use our research paper writing service, for coursework assignments, theses, or dissertations, we always offer progressive payment and delivery. In this way, students can order one section or chapter at a time, receive a specific price for that portion of the work, collaborate with their consultants, approve each portion of the work as it is completed, and then move onto the next phase. Specific deadlines will be set for each portion, so that you have a timeline of completion for your advisor – a timeline to which your consultant will adhere.

Our pricing for graduate level work is very individualized, so you will need to contact one of our administrators for a discussion about the specific needs you have. While we cannot offer the cheap writing service price that many other services do, we also do not deliver the poor quality that such cheap prices always produce. Further, for large and complex graduate projects, we always have discounts and special pricing offers.

You will want to use Write-Essays.org because it has the qualified personal consultant you need. We would like to remind you as well that, once that degree has been conferred, we have great professionals to provide curriculum vitae and/or resume writing service!

You will love what our writing service can offer you – contact us by phone or email today and let’s talk!