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Pablo Picasso Arts

Pablo Picasso is regarded one of the most famous and influential artists of the 20th century. Having acquired painting and drawing skills from his father, he became one of the most reputed painters of his time. He had a good attitude towards painting and by the time he died in 1973 he had made history by producing etchings, lithographs as well as drawings that were considered the best in the 20th century (Myers 54). Some of his famous paintings are Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and La Bouteille de Suze. This paper provides a comparison and contrast between the two paintings.

Comparison of the images

Both the images represent certain freedoms associated with modern life. For instance, the drawing of La Bouteille de Suze is an illustration of freedom of information by reading newsletters as well as freedom to use certain types of stimulants. The painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon also represent freedom of turning away from traditional beliefs and values of the middle class by indicating that freedom of sex needs to be allowed by depicting nude women from a brothel (Garbagna 61).

The two paintings have been regarded as most fascination in all museums where they are kept and there has been the need to ensure they are preserved. Picasso also had the interest of informing archives operators that a work of art is not intended to illustrate a historical event, but to illustrate the quality of art through the use of historical events.  Through these paintings, he emphasizes certain freedoms that need to be allowed in art world to be able to achieve quality work.

In addition, the two pictures represent paintings that were drawn with certain emphasis such as the empahis of volume, lines and mass as a way of displaying quality of work of art in the past. They have been painted with the effects of making the viewer perceive aspects such as still life, history, cubism and conservation.

The paintings Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and La Bouteille de Suze represent paintings that were made of high quality with the use of canvas and paper materials to show the emphasis of high quality that Picasso recommend for art work. Picasso has always attributed artwork with integrity, as such; the two paintings were not short of quality and integrity that characterize his work. 

The paintings La Bouteille de Suze and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon also indicate drawings made using paints and different colors to appeal to the eyes of the viewer. This is an emphasis by Picasso that quality is the most important thing in art work. Different colors portray the range of creativity and innovativeness that Picasso attributes to artwork. Though the two drawings may be appealing to the viewer, there quality is immeasurable.

The two pictures are also drawn in two dimensions. This indicates that there was possibility of obtaining high quality artistic works through the use of two-dimensional painting. Indeed, the modern life has been characterized by two-dimensional paintings, and recently, three-dimensional paintings are taking the center stage. Conforming to the modern requirements of the paintings, Picasso demonstrates how artistic work is valued in the society.

Contrast between the two images

The painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon which two women having Africa mask faces while the other three have Iberian like faces, an illustration of Picasso’s homeland, Spain. There is a clash between the Iberian women and the creatures wearing masks standing on the right of the image. The picture shows Picasso’s lack of consideration for slow improvement of European painting (Gieure 24).  The picture shows a lady covered with a mask trying to uncover her colleagues by opening the curtain. It is considered an indication for the war between modern people and the remains of the popularity of the canvas era.

The image of La Bouteille de Suze is made of newspaper, wall paper and construction paper and the papers have been bound together by means of adhesives. These adhesives and glues have made the images deteriorated. It is believed that Picasso used the materials intentionally to attack anarchist views about his contemporary world. Ideally,

The image Les Demoiselles d'Avignon representa a drawing made on canvas sing paint. It shows five nude women with jutting breasts and torses and the background is a carpet that is slightly opened by a mask-faced woman. Two nude women on the right are wearing masks to express influence fro tribal masks. There are varied shades of pink in the background that shatter the women into their constituent parts.

Furthermore, the first painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon represents nude women where the masked women are in conflict with unmasked women. This has been used to emphasize the significance of African culture in freedom of expression (Feldman, 2011). The second painting, La Bouteille de Suze represents a paper drawing that shows the emphasis of maintaining articles in museums by constructing them using durable materials.


It can be concluded that the main purpose of Picasso’s work is to warn the world with regards to issues such s absurdity of modernity as well as illustrating some forms of pleasures derived from modern life. The artist brought revolutionary changes to modern beliefs concerning painting. The main styles used were pluralism, legendary alignment of images as well as development of creative forces that made him one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. The painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was made in reaction to range of important sources such as the disagreement with Cezanne’s accomplishment of the posthumous made in Paris after the death of Cezanne in 1907. The display of the drawing resulted into a number of artists such as Picasso and Mantise to contend with the work of Cezanne.

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